Monday, Jan. 7th 2013

Paint Sheen Difference

I had a customer ask a great question about the sheen difference in paint. She wanted a flat and wanted it scrubbable. Flat paint is not scrubbable. There are paints that advertise they are Scrabble. However, it they are able to be wiped off without any paint coming off onto the sponge or paper towel (Never a rag or wash cloth – they are abrasive) the sheen is a Matte finish. Matte sheen has a slight reflection to light. These can also can make the glare of light look uneven across the wall depending on the rooms light. Our customer wanted no reflection at all. In this can you can use a good flat paint that touches up really well over time. These paints are not the best in quality.  Quality means some sheen reflection. The flats with no reflection can however be touched up at anytime if you keep the paint in a controlled environment like a basement NOT A GARAGE in cold weather areas! We usually  recommend a Eggshell or Satin Finish for walls. These paints you can wipe off with a good scrubbable paint but you can’t touch up due to the sheen, it will show like a sore thumb. In our customers case, touching up was more important than having a reflection so she decided to go with a non scrubbable flat paint and touch up if necessary. If you have any question on paint or the process of painting please call anytime. Thanks  Chris (913)406-6958 

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